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2016 has been a great year for me and has been so photography wise. This was the first year of my life that I went out and got photos every month and not every once in a while. 2016 has produced some of my most popular photos as well as some of my personal favourites and I'm looking forward to 2017. For now, after twelve months worth of photography, here are my personal favourites from the year for my watchers to look at and for me to reflect on. Tell me what you think:

Vancouver At Night - 2 by AveragePhotographer  Nieuw Amsterdam by AveragePhotographer  Vancouver At Night - 13 by AveragePhotographer  Zaandam Sail Away - 2 by AveragePhotographer  Parrot by AveragePhotographer

Vancouver At Sunset by AveragePhotographer  Radiance Of The Seas - 5 by AveragePhotographer  Red Kite Hawk by AveragePhotographer  Sydney At Night by AveragePhotographer  Sydney Opera House Lit Up by AveragePhotographer

Vancouver At Night - 21 by AveragePhotographer  Vancouver On A March Day - 6 by AveragePhotographer  Up At The Lake by AveragePhotographer   Vancouver On A March Day by AveragePhotographer  Canada Place At Night - 2 by AveragePhotographer
Aquabus by AveragePhotographer  Celebrity Millennium Sail Away - 6 by AveragePhotographer  Vancouver On An April Morning - 2 by AveragePhotographer  Nieuw Amsterdam Sail Away - 4 by AveragePhotographer  Amtrak Cascades - 3 by AveragePhotographer
Vancouver At Night - 4 by AveragePhotographer  Hungry Joeys - 3 by AveragePhotographer  In Sydney - 12 by AveragePhotographer  Vancouver At Night - 7 by AveragePhotographer  Ukulele Duo by AveragePhotographer
Granville Island At Night by AveragePhotographer  Gastown Steam Clock - 3 by AveragePhotographer  Coral Princess by AveragePhotographer  Summer Sunset - 3 by AveragePhotographer  A Snow Covered Night by AveragePhotographer
Blue Mountains by AveragePhotographer  The Tide Returns by AveragePhotographer  Star Princess - 7 by AveragePhotographer   Sunset Under The Bridge by AveragePhotographer  Sunset At False Creek - 2 by AveragePhotographer

Tugs Moving Down The River - 2 by AveragePhotographer  Little Tug Big Help by AveragePhotographer  Crown Princess by AveragePhotographer  Beluga Whale - 2 by AveragePhotographer  Boats In The City - 2 by AveragePhotographer
Gastown by AveragePhotographer  In Sydney - 2 by AveragePhotographer  Vancouver At Night - 28 by AveragePhotographer  Vancouver At Night - 22 by AveragePhotographer  There Goes A Train by AveragePhotographer
Rusty by AveragePhotographer  Summer Sunset by AveragePhotographer  White Rock At Sunset - 2 by AveragePhotographer  Winter Trees by AveragePhotographer  Vancouver At Night - 19 by AveragePhotographer
1.) Cruise Ships
2.) Cities and Cityscapes
3.) Planes
4.) Tugboats and other Boats
5.) Classic Cars
6.) Street Performers
7.) Trains
8.) Cities and Buildings at night
9.) Landscapes
10.) Old and Historic things
As some of my watchers have noticed, I've been making and submitting Black & White edits of some of my photos. After giving it some thought and seeing how nicely the edits have turned out, I've decided to make that a regular thing for me. I'll be making Black & White edits of my best photos from now on, or of pictures that I think would work in Black & White.
More to come so stayed tuned! :)
So it appears I have found myself a photography project: photographing and capturing all of Vancouver. Vancouver is beautiful, it has great architecture, interesting monuments, beautiful parks, busy streets and transit, it's big being the ninth largest in Canada, and it's my birthplace and hometown. I want to show and share as much of Vancouver as possible and capture the feel of the city. I think every photographer professional or amateur needs to have one big project and photographing Vancouver is going to be mine! B-) (Cool) 
I few months ago I went to Victoria, BC. Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and it's a great place for photographers because of it's architecture, the monuments, the parliament building, the completely different atmosphere it has from Vancouver, the street performers, and the Royal BC Museum. It's also home to the Coho. The Coho is a ferry that runs between Victoria and Port Angeles in Washington, she was built in 1959 and is owned by the Black Ball Ferry line. When I first discovered the Coho online I immediately became fascinated with her, because of her unique and artistic design. I went to Victoria back in 2011 and I went into town when she was docked at her berth. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me so I couldn't get any shots of her :sigh:. I went back in August of this year and I saw the Coho again and I had my camera with me this time, but I got to the dock just as she was heading out and I couldn't get any good shotsfrustrated  . So I stuck around, getting pictures of the boats and smaller ferries around the harbour and got a good shot of the parliament building. A couple of hours went by and I was going to head into the main city, when I heard a familiar horn. There she was coming back from her round trip to Port Angeles Ultra Excitement . I rushed over to her berth, got my camera ready, and took sixty shots of her as she got closer and closer. Out of those sixty shots I got three keepers, the third one ultimately becoming my favorite shot of her as well as my favorite photo out of all the ones I've ever taken. While it's not my most viewed photo on Deviantart, it remains my favorite. Getting a shot of the Coho became a quest for me and in the end I succeeded.
I just recently started toying around with night photography. Night photography gives a different perspective of what you can see in the light. There's something you can see at night that you can't see in the day as the late O. Winston Link would say. For example I have two pictures of Vancouver, one at night and one during the day, and I can say that the city looks very different at night than it does when the sun's out and it looks more beautiful. That is why I love night photography, because of the hidden beauty it reveals.
I love taking pictures. I started out with a Sony Snapshot and I took pictures at Airshows, family vacations, etc. Then I got a Nikon D3100 for a photography course I took after I graduated High School and then I started taking pictures of birds, planes, ships, and trains. I got some pretty good pics as time went by, but then I had a problem: I had all these great pictures and nothing to do with them! I started sharing them with my friends on Facebook, but then I had a brainwave. I had always been fascinated with Deviantart, sign up was free, and I had plenty of pictures, so...why not? Nod 
I'm glad I joined because since I joined Deviantart, I found I've gotten better at Photography. :D (Big Grin) 
And since I've joined, I've joined a few groups, had my pictures requested by a few groups, my pictures have gotten plenty of favorites and views, and I've also gained a few watchers. Clap But the thing I've enjoyed the most is that people look at my pictures and they like them....and that makes me feel proud! B-) (Cool) 
What I think of photography? I think it is in all respects Art. Paintings and Sculptures can bring out one's creativity, but Photography gives a sense of realism. It's like walking around in your own canvas or painting, because the thing you wish to capture is right in front of you! That's what I've always found captivating about photography and why I enjoy it so much. Painters have their paintings, Sculptors have their Sculptures, and we Photographer's have our Photographs. Our own art.